A Passion for Skincare

Understanding the benefits and effects of natural and active ingredients on the skin led Virginie Vuillaume to create her concept beauty salon in 1996. As one of Ireland’s top facialists, she knows the importance of using high concentration of plant extracts to remedy the skins needs. It’s the reason why her salon V Claire only stocks professional skincare brands that she source for their quality, ethos, certification and are vegan to help people embrace the clear life - La Vie Claire.

V Claire Ecocert Cosmebio products Phyts Couleur Caramel Najel by Virginie Claire Natural Beauty Salon Dublin 6 and Organic Cosmetic Store
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Natural Products for Natural Beauty

Since opening her doors in 1996, Virginie has introduced clients to PHYT’S Natural Skincare, which guarantees the best ingredients for radiant, youthful skin. PHYT’S organic facials are based on botanical science, drainage and stimulating techniques that achieve skin perfection for each individual client. Formulas are concentrated and truly unique, contained in glass ampoules to provide the best results with every treatment.

To further develop her eco concept store, she has included Couleur Caramel natural and organic makeup, extremely beneficial to skin health and on trend with its cosmetics.

Virginie’s latest baby to join the V Claire family is Najel: the traditional Aleppo Soaps, all vegan products, made of olive oil and bay laurel oil. A beautiful range for hair and body to discover in salons and health stores.

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Say hello to our team of beauty experts who are ready to share their secrets to achieving naturally beautiful skin.