What Moisturizer should I use?

After the most important step of cleansing, when you clean the skin of impurities and the pH is balanced, you might ask yourself, what moisturizer should I use? A good moisturizer should be for your skin type and condition and will hydrate, nourish and protect… from here everything else is a bonus! So what is…


Are Parabens bad in cosmetics?

Are Parabens bad in cosmetics? At VClaire Natural Beauty we choose to provide cosmetics that are natural, organic, vegan with active ingredients and results driven. The more we discuss ingredients at HQ, the more we solidify our strong desire to spread our message: cosmetics with a conscience. Simply put, every ingredients our ranges, Centella, Couleur…


Cosmetics with a Conscience

Since the opening of our beauty salon in 1996, our ethos has always been consistent. We only want to use certified natural and organic cosmetics. All of our facial treatments are made of the purest ingredients from makeup to body care to home living to sublimise the skin. VClaire Natural Beauty excel to find and…

lady sunbathing

Chemical or Mineral Sunscreen?

Chemical or Mineral? When it comes to sun protection we can have our head in a spin with wondering: What is the difference between chemical or mineral sunscreens? Can my sunscreen go out of date? Do I really need a high factor protection? The answer: A mineral sunscreen contains zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, iron oxide,…

woman with great skin

What Does it Take to Achieve Great Skin?

Some people are genetically blessed when it comes to great skin: flawless, airbrushed, never a blemish… However, for many, particularly during life changes such as puberty, menopause or stressful lifestyles, we do not all tend to be born with this wonderful gift of great skin. This is where the term ‘Skincare’ comes into its own.…


Be Kind to Your Lines!

When did it become unacceptable to age? What about being kind to your lines? It’s inevitable!! Women and Men have begun to scrutinize themselves terribly due to pure media pressure. In general we all look better than ever, but we are still wanting more. The best way to stay young is to keep contact with…