Acerola Fruit: Extremely high Vitamin C content to neutralise free radicals (premature ageing prevention), expel toxins from the skin, brighten the complexion and enhance collagen renewal. Products: Crème Reviderm, Concentré Reviderm, Masque Reviderm, Anti-Ageing Serum Multivita

Alfalfa: Provides many minerals and vitamins, oxygenates with chlorophyll, balances skin conditions, soothing / anti-inflammatory. Products: Cleansing Hydrolé Orange, Hair Lotion Stimulante, Reviderm

Aloe ferox: Soothing and regenerating, vitamin, mineral and enzyme rich. Products: Rénov Crème Protect’Activ

Aloe vera: Powerful moisturiser and astringent, it is also a recognised anti-ageing care treatment. Maintains skin hydration thanks to its well of fatty acids, in particular linoleic acid. Products: Crème Mains et Ongles, Soin Hydra Protecteur, Roll On Deo, Activ’Peel scrub, Crème Reviderm, Serum Défroissant eye gel, PHYT’S Men Crème à Raser, Men Fluide Hydratant, Men Soin Antirides, Aqua PHYT’S Fluide Hydratant, Crème Hydratante, Elixir Hydratant, Concentré Reviderm, Masque Reviderm

Anti-oxidant: Anti-oxidants help to prevent free radical damage created in our atmosphere and in our bodies. They are vital in the body and on the skin to prevent cell damage. These are vitamins A, C, E, Beta-carotene; trace elements, Zinc and Selenium; flavonoids extracted from plants.

Apricot: Nourishing, softening and emollient, it allows the skin to rediscover suppleness, radiance and energy.

Apricot (powder of the stone): Gentle exfoliant.

Argan: Moisturising, revitalising and nourishing action, its wealth of Omega 6 rebalances the cell membrane and guarantees suppleness and elasticity to the skin. Also full of squalene, precursor of DHEA. Balances the seborrhoea. Revitalising, softening and moisture** protecting. It reconstructs the stratum corneum. Its richness in anti-oxidant tocopheols and polyphenols neutralises free radicals generated by UV, while its triterpenic fraction helps to protect, heal and reduce inflammation.

Arnica: Stimulates the circulatory system, decongestant

Avocado: Softens, protects and strengthens dry and devitalised skin. Helps to keep the skin young. Rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins and polyphenols, with nutritional, moisturising and softening properties.


Bamboo: 100% natural ultra-gentle exfoliant.

Basil: Anti-infectious and cleansing. Decongests and acts on draining. Anti-oxidant action.

Bee’s wax: Film former, sheathing. Forms a protective on the skin. Emulsifying and emollient properties, slows the loss of moisture. Rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins and polyphenols, with nutritional, moisturising, soothing, smoothing properties.

Beta-carotene: Because it is able to neutralise oxygen, it helps to protect oxidation fats. The high quantity of Bera-carotene helps to reduce cardio-vascular problems, cerebral vascular illnesses, some of cancers, cataract and reduces skin ageing due to sun exposure. Plays a major protective role in the fight against the effects of oxidisation and, thus, helps to protect molecules. Speeds up cell renewal, favours collagen synthesis

Bioflavonoids: Natural plant-based anti-oxidants, they release a hydrogen atom when in contact with free radicals which neutralises it. Among some of the plants rich in flavonoids, is dry aqueous extract of lemon which contains a high concentration of flavonoids (35%).

Bisabolol: Obtained by distilling essential oil of Camomile, it is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. Soothes, repairs, cleanses.

Bitter orange: Calming, provides serenity.

Black cumin: Protective, soothing and nourishing, facilitates lasting skin moisture**.

Black radish: Traditionally used as a liver and bile drainer, black radish stimulates the stomach, intestine and gall bladder. It favours the elimination of toxins and waste. Thanks to its rich content of sulfurated compounds, it is an excellent liver and gallbladder drainer. In nutritherapy, it is considered to be a choleretic (stimulating bile secretion) and cholagogue (stimulating the elimination of bile) in nutritherapy. Its aim is to favour the elimination of waste and a harmonious liver function. Black radish belongs to the Cruciferea family, with proven anti-carcinogenic properties.

Blackcurrent: A well-known anti-inflammatory and venous vasoconstrictor, blackcurrant is also a powerful diuretic favouring elimination and preventing the accumulation of uric acid.

Blueberry: Anti-inflammatory, venous tonic and draining. Astringent, tonic, antiseptic.

Borage: Rich in Vitamin E, minerals and essential fatty acids which make it an excellent regenerator, it revitalises and protects fragile skin. Improves skin suppleness.


CI7707: Natural mineral colourant, the main component of Lapis-lazuli (blue lazurite).

CI77288: Natural mineral colourant (trioxide of green chromium).

CI77491: Natural mineral colourant (trioxide of red iron).

CI77492: Natural mineral colourant (monoxide of yellow iron).

CI77891: Natural mineral colourant (trioxide of red iron).

Calophyllum: Anti-free radical and softening.

Camomile: Soothes skin irritations and anti-inflammatory, regenerating, revitalising and soothing.

Camphor: Anti-infectious, anti-bacterial, cleansing, vasoconstrictor, freshens, tones, stimulates.

Candelilla wax: Nourishing.

Capsicum: Stimulates blood circulation.

Caranda wax: Film former, sheathing. Smoothing and nourishing action. Forms a protective film on the skin.

Carrot: Anti-free radical provitamin A, anti-oxidant, helps to refine the skin texture. Rich in essential fatty acids, in anti-oxidants, anti-free radical compounds, with nutritional, moisturising, soothing properties. Will act as a gentle laxative and as a cell protector. Carrot juice acts as an excellent intestinal lubricator and helps to prevent constipation due to a lack of water. It provides beta-carotene, a major anti-oxidant which destroys free radicals, particularly singlet oxygen, before attacking cells (especially hepatic cells).

Carrot beta-carotene: Speeds up cell renewal, favours collagen synthesis.

Castor oil plant: Nourishes (thanks to its fatty acids), softens, anti-wrinkle, anti-ageing, anti-free radical, anti-blemish, preserves the skin’s moisture.

Cedar: Lipolytic, lymphotonic, anti-cellulite favouring tissue circulation (cellulite) used to prevent hydrolipidic retention. Renowned urinary and genital antiseptic, anti-inflammatory.

Centella Asiatica: Anti-inflammatory, nourishes the connective tissue. Excellent healer, stimulates collagen synthesis, tones, regenerates, reinforces venous walls. Protective and regenerating, it is a powerful healer.

Ceveble: With anti-ageing ceramids to smooth out wrinkles and fine lines, tensor, smoothing and anti-free radical effect.

Chlorophyl: Stimulates cell metabolism, speeds up oxygenation and regenerates tissues, tones the epidermis.

Cidar vinegar: Gives softness and shine (acts on hard water).

Cinammon: Stimulates circulation. Anti-infectious with a sensual fragrance, anti-bacterial and cleansing. Hot and spicy fragrance. Epidermal tonic, blood stimulator, hyperemiant.

Clove: Anti-wrinkle by stimulating cell metabolism. Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, cleansing. Regenerates, acts on water balance.

Coconut: Rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins and polyphenols, with nutritional, moisturising, softening properties.

Coconut oil: Soothing, softening and ensures lasting moisture**.

Copper: Remineralising – Anti-infectious – Anti-bacterial.

Cornflower: Soothing, anti-inflammatory and regenerating. Soothing and fortifying, it is particularly suited to the eye contour.

Cyprus: For circulation, it acts on microcirculation so on all problems with redness (rosacea?). Venous, capillary and lymphatic decongestant. Regenerates tissue, tones, astringent, gives the skin radiance.

Cystine: Sulfurated amino acid corresponding to the stable form of cysteine. Cysteine is a major compound of keratin, it is also a precursor of glutathione, a major anti-oxidant.


DHA: Physiological component found naturally in cells; it is obtained through the fermentation of rapeseed. This sugar reacts with the amino acids from the stratum corneum to give brown compounds which are eliminated after 4 to 6 days when it is renewed. Its activity depends on pH.

Dandelion: This plant is particularly appreciated for its strong diuretic action with no undesirable side-effects. It cleans the whole body by eliminating accumulated waste. Dandelion juice also acts on digestion thanks to its cholagogue and choleretic properties. It increases the discharge of bile and stimulates lazy livers. In view of its wonderful diuretic potential, it is not surprising that its vernacular name in French “pissenlit” literally means to wet the bed. The dandelion plays a very important role on the intestines and constipation, aperient and tonic.


English Oak Bark: Astringent.

Erythrulose: obtained by fermentation, it acts as DHA on the outer layers of the epidermis; it ensures a uniform tan with golden shades and, thanks to its delaying effect, helps to prolong the “tan” without drying out the skin.

Eucalyptus: Anti-bacterial, freshness.

Evening primrose: Reinforces intercellular cement, ensures the skin’s elasticity, combats dryness.

Everlasting flower: action on capillaries, astringent.


Fennel: The interest of fennel juice in nutritherapy comes from the vitamins (carotenes, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin B9) and minerals (magnesium, potassium) it contains. Apart from its ability to stimulate digestion, it is also antispasmodic.

Filbert: Prevents dry skin.

Frankincense: Tones – Energises – Relaxes – Heals

Free radicals: Free radicals are residues of our normal vital processes. Highly reactive and aggressive, they cause a whole catalogue of destructive reactions. Pollution, stress, illnesses, viral infections, medicines increase the production of free radicals likely to disorganise cells, to age arteries, eyes, joints and reduce tone, memory and intellectual alertness. They attack cell membranes, collagen, alter the quality of the skin and lead to wrinkles, loss of suppleness and moisture.


Gentian: Skin radiance.

Geranium: Relaxing, soothing and regenerating, anti-inflammatory, cleansing, anti-stress, calming. Astringent, haemostatic, balancing, tightens tissues, provides suppleness and elasticity and facilitates water elimination.

Ginkgo biloba: This mythical tree contains ginkgolides (diterpenes with a very specific structure) presented as vasoregulators vasodilators at the arterioles, vasoconstrictors at the veins and stimulates hair resistance. They decrease hair hyperpermeability and improve tissue irrigation.

Ginseng: Tonic, dermis refresher, anti-inflammatory, cooling, astringent. Stimulates the complexion’s radiance.

Gleditschia: provides volume, sheathes and protects the hair fibre, makes hair shine.

Grapefruit: Anti-bacterial and cleansing, protects and prevents the formation of wrinkles.

Green clay: known by the Egyptians, Chinese and Tibetans and referred to by Pline and Galien, the most famous doctor from antiquity, it is well-known among hygienists for helping the intestine to eliminate toxins and parasitic bacteria. Its antiseptic and natural balancing action helps to reduce bad intestinal bacteria and the gases it produces.

Green tea: rich in caffeine (3-4% for Green tea, 10% for Guarana), lipolytic, phlebotonic, anti-cellulite, draining, decongesting properties.

Guarana: rich in caffeine (3-4% for Green tea, 10% for Guarana), lipolytic, phlebotonic, anti-cellulite, draining, decongesting properties.

Guérande Sea Salt: disinfectant, blood activator. Not refined, not treated, rich in mineral salts and trace elements, Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium, Sodium, Copper Zinc.


Hamamelis: Its leaf can contain up to 10% of overall tannins, which gives it astringent and vasoconstrictor properties. This is a result of tannins’ affinity for protein molecules and in particular collagen which they tend to waterproof.

Hazelnut: Nourishes the skin thanks to its fatty acids, softens, preserves the skin’s moisture, helps the skin to remain supple and soft. Anti-oxidant, anti-wrinkle action, anti-ageing, anti-free radicals, anti-blemish, it helps to combat cell ageng. Useful for oily, combination skins, as well as acne (regulates sebaceous glands). Anti-inflammatory, refreshing, soothing.

Hemp: Skin elasticity, regenerative action, nutritional, anti-inflammatory and anti-free radicals (balanced Omega 3 and Omega 6 content). Protective, soothing and nourishing, neutralises the effects of dryness and repairs fragile skin.

Hibiscus: Rich in fruit acids acting on cell regeneration, it offers strong anti-oxidant qualities.

Horse chestnut: Venous and draining tonic, anti-oedema, anti-inflammatory, stimulates blood circulation, reduces hair fragility, venous and lymphatic decongestant.

Horsetail: Remineralises and stimulates collagen synthesis.

Hyaluronic acid: Genuine water trap, it restores the skin’s vital moisture**, corrects dry skin, regenerates and restores the skin’s elasticity. 100% of plant origin (wheat and corn).

Hydrolate: A hydrolate is an aqueous extract of fresh plants. It is obtained by cold pressing from very pure water to guarantee the integrity of the molecules of the plant and complete extraction of the main active ingredients.

Hydrolised esters of jojoba: Maintains and provides active ingredients to the surface of the hair thanks to its “water resistance” action. Rehydrates while making the hair soft.


Iron: Cleanses. Oxygenates.

Isostearyl avocadate: Sebum regulator.


Jojoba: With moisturising** virtues, penetrates well into the skin, regenerates it and has anti-inflammatory properties, soothes, nourishes, softens, protects. Balances the skin’s acidity, revitalises dry skin and prevents lip dryness and restores the skin’s suppleness and elasticity, rich in essential fatty acids and provitamin A and vitamin E, with anti-oxidant, anti-free radical compounds, UV filter.

Juniper: Anti-inflammatory.


Kukui: Very soothing and nutritive.


Lady’s thistle: Peripheral vasoconstrictor, vascular tonic.

Laurel: Regulates sebum secretions, balancing, anti-free radical and healing.

Lavandin: Strengthens and tones the hair. Anti-inflammatory, soothing, repairing, regenerating, protective action, with a delicate perfume, anti-bacterial and healing, soothing, relaxing, helps with skin problems. Anti-oxidant, tonic, revitalising. Softness for the skin and hair.

Lavender: Healing, softening, regenerating and antiseptic for Sensitive or Dry Skin in need of soothing. Protects epidermal cells, soothing, calming, relaxing, balancing, regulates sebum. Disinfectant, very good skin tolerance, anti-bacterial and cleansing.

Lemon: Rich in vitamin C and fruit acids, it softens, firms and tones the skin, lightens the complexion, anti-ageing and anti-blemish action. Cleans, cleanses. Stimulates cell ventilation, revitalising, regenerating, regulates sebum, astringent, decongests and acts on draining, helps to correct acidosis, responsible for many lymphatic problems.

Lemon grass: Antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, it tones tissues.

Lily: Protective and soothing, it reduces skin blemishes and prevents the appearance of brown spots.

Lime tree: Complete player in hepato-biliary and urinary draining, the sapwood of the lime tree is also purgative. Furthermore, its action has proven to be interesting for rheumatism, migraines, cellulite. It is also a hypo tensor and antispasmodic.

Lotus: Soothing.


Macadamia: Rich in essential and anti-oxidant fatty acids, it soothes, nourishes, protects, restructures and regenerates.

Magnesium: Anti-inflammatory.

Mallow: Soothes, calms skin inflammations.

Mandarin orange: Toning, soothing, decongests and detoxifies, anti-elastase, it protects and prevents the formation of wrinkles.

Manganese: Cleanses.

Marigold: Rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins and polyphenols, recreates and regenerates skin tissue, soothing, it offers anti-inflammatory, soothing and moisturising** properties. Prevents the drying of skin which is dry, red or even rough, anti-bacterial.

Marigold: Used in the 16th century to treat wounds and injuries, garden marigold is recognised today for its choleretic qualities (increases bile secretions).

Marine Magnesium Chloride: Strong stimulation of the lymphatic circulation, liquefies stools and increases intestinal transit. Favours intestinal mobility and the synthesis of digestive enzymes. Increases the body’s resistance during infectious diseases.

Marjoram: Antiseptic, soothing, calming.

Meadowsweet: Regulates the cell’s water metabolism, anti-inflammatory, venous and draining tonic, stimulates collagen synthesis. Well known for its action on pain, meadowsweet is also diuretic, sudorific and antipyretic. Thanks to its various salicylate by-products (methyl salicylate and salyclic aldehyde), meadowsweet is considered to be a “plant aspirin”. It has highly effective analgesic properties against rheumatism pain. This plant is also used as a choleretic, diuretic (speeds up urine output), purgative. During lithiasis, the action of meadowsweet has been favourable for dissolving stones present in urinary tracts. It is also useful for combatting cellulite and obesity.

Menthol: Refreshing, toning.

Methionine: Sulfurated amino acid, methionine is a major component of keratin. It also plays a powerful anti-oxidant role.

Micronised mineral screens: Reflect the light in the same way as a mirror; are not transformed by sun rays; remain at the surface of the skin and filter UVA and UVB.

Mimosa: Healing it regenerates and soothes.

Mint: Freshens, analgesic, anaesthetises by a cooling effect, tones, stimulates cell detoxication, oxygenates, cleanses, soothing regenerating active ingredients.

Mix of polyglycerides of plant origin: Moisturising and anti-ageing actions proven by tests.

Mongongo: Provides moisturising, regenerating, restructuring virtues and ensures the protection of the hair fibre thanks to its richness in unsaturated fatty acids. Perfect for dry, damaged or fragile hair.

Muscat rosebush: Prevents skin ageing, regenerating, its richness in Omega 3 and 6, the main components of cell membranes, provide the skin with suppleness and elasticity.

Myrtle: Circulatory tonic, astringent, anti-oedema, venous and lymphatic decongestant, favours circulation. Skin tonic, fights against the effects of ageing. Strengthens eyelashes and eyebrows.


Nasturcium: Toning.

Natural pigments of mineral origin:Gives the product colour and mother-of-pearl highlights.

Nettle: Firms, remineralises. Favours collagen and elastin synthesis. Thanks to its richness in vitamins, minerals, trace elements and essential amino acids, it is very useful for treating brittle nails and hair loss.

Norway pine: Anti-oxidant, it improves capillary permeability and oxygenates skin redness. Lymphatic decongestant.


OPC or Proanthocyanidols of grape seeds: OPCs are natural anti-oxidants. They inhibit an enzyme, cox-2, which affects the concentration of prostacylins, vasoprotective molecules. These flavonoids protect the endothelial cells of blood vessels from free radicals. The saved endothelium rediscovers a part of its integrity and the blood condition improves. Finally OPCs inhibit collagenese, elastase and hyaluronidase which help in the deterioration of the extra-vascular matrix. Thus, they help to maintain the correct permeability of the capillaries.

Olibanum: Regenerates, acts on water balance.

Olive: rich in vitamin E, polyphenols and provitamin A anti-oxidant, nourishing, softening, emollient and soothing, it soothes irritations.

Orange: Calming, cleansing, activates circulation, offers toning properties, improves the penetration of active ingredients, revitalising and anti-ageing.

Oregan: Cleanses, anti-bacterial, combats nervous agitation.


Palm leaf: Maintains good hydration, acts against skin irritations and dryness. Nourishes, soothes and protects the skin thanks to essential fatty acids and vitamin E, softens, anti-wrinkle.

Palmarosa: Regulates the production of sebum, antiseptic, cleanser, anti-bacterial, healing. Calming, de-stressing action. Revitalising, regenerating, stimulates cell activity, lymphatic drainer. Refreshing and toning, anti-oxidant, nourishes, moisturises, softens.

Paperback tree: Anti-inflammatory, healing, regulates oily skin, skin tonic.

Parsley: Draining, anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial effect. Purgative.

Passion flower: sedative, soothes irritations.

Patchouli: Disinfectant and astringent action, soothes inflammations. Treats cracked and dry skin. Tensor for distended skin, heals tissues, cell regenerator.

Petit Grain: Cell regenerator and skin healer, light anti-infectious, antiseptic, calming, de-stressing, soothing, balancing. Re-balances seborrhoea. Reinforces and tones the hair through anti-inflammatory, calming, repairing actions, with a delicate fragrance.

Pine: Recommended for any inflammatory process, full of anti-oxidants and antiseptic flavonoids. Stimulates lymphatic circulation.

Plant activated carbon: With the ability to absorb, in other words to fix on its surface, various substances such as bacteria, toxins and gases? Recommended for problems of the digestive system, abdominal pain, problems with intestinal transit and swelling.

Plant cells: Absorbing, gentle exfoliant.

Plant glycerine: Softening.

Plant polyglycerides: Protects the skin’s barrier, moisturising, nourishing.

Plant tensioactives: Dissolve impurities, sebum excess, make-up.

Pollen: Regenerating and nourishing.

Poppy: Anti-free radical and soothing properties. Respects the hydrolipidic film.

Potassium: Balances moisturising.

Propolis: Greater activity than that of vitamins C and E, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, regenerates tissues, anti-free radical effect thanks to its anti-oxidant property.


Red beetroot: is a root rich in B group vitamins (especially B9), vitamin C, magnesium and potassium. Vitamins B play a very important role in digestion, because they act in the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and lipids, which helps to regulate food excesses. In addition to iron, copper, zinc and manganese, beetroot also contains substances such as boron, chromium, nickel, fluoride, selenium and micro-nutrients very useful in cell metabolism. The combination of these vitamins and mineral salts help to rebalance the intestetine.

Red vine: Venous and capillary tonic, best waste elimination. Protects vessels and supplies the walls of vessels and capillaries. Its phenolic compounds, which trap free radicals, reduce the permeability of capillaries and increase their resistance. Their action is aimed at protecting collagen of the vascular wall by inhibiting the proteolytic enzymes from collagen deterioration (elastase, collagenese). Thus, the vascular collagen controls the permeability of the vascular wall.

Resin and natural gums: Plasticising agent, film forming and helps the product to “stretch”.

Rosemary: Astringent, healing, soothing, toning and regenerating, acts on the water balance, it is useful for Oily Skins (and Dry Mature Skins), it is also cleansing and anti-bacterial. Venous tonic, favours cell exchanges, stimulating. Rosemary has a wide range of functions. But, above all, it has proved to play a highly effective role in digestive functions. Traditionally used to facilitate the elimination of bile, rosemary is a cholagogue, antispasmodic and diuretic. It acts on the liver, bile and the intestines.

Rosewood: Toning and soothing for Tired, Irritated and Mature Skin. Anti-wrinkle, powerful cell regenerator, toning, astringent, soothing, it provides the skin with suppleness and elasticity. Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties suitable even for irritated and fragile mucous membranes, protective and revitalising.

Round leaved sundew: Anti-inflammatory.


Sage: Anti-infectious, heals, astringent, emollient, it is anti-inflammatory. Toning, anti-cellulite, circulatory, lipolytic, tonic regulator.

Sandalwood: Calming, provides serenity.

Selenium: combined with vitamin E, it plays a significant role in ageing, favouring cell renewal. It also plays a role in protecting the cardiovascular system. Selenium is at the heart of the anti-free radical activity of some enzymes such as Glutathione peroxidase (GP).

Sesame: Maintains the integrity of the hydrolipidic film, acts against irritations, skin dryness and external aggressions, protector, nourishing, softening, restructuring, it protects the skin from UV light which it absorbs in the same way as a genuine sun screen. Anti-ageing, anti-oxidant, anti-free radical (rich in vitamin E, essential fatty acids).

Shea: Rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins and polyphenols. Nourishes, protects, softens, moisturises and restructures, protects against the wind, cold and sun, delays skin ageing. Helps with smoothing. Prevents and soothes inflammations.

Silicon: Prolonged moisturising effect, anti-wrinkle, anti-ageing, anti-free radicals, helps the skin to remain supple and soft, firms, remineralises. Favours collagen and elastin synthesis. Tones the hair and nails.

Soya: Fortifying, restructuring, moisturising, toning action, favours cell renewal through its richness in vitamins E, A & D.

St-John’s-Wort: Nourishing, soothing and protecting, it preserves moisture** and restores the skin’s radiance and suppleness. Anti-inflammatory

Sulphur: Regulating effect

Sunflower: Anti-inflammatory, refreshing, moisturising, regenerating. Rich in fatty acids, omega 6, omega 3 and vitamin E, in anti-oxidant and provitamin E compounds, anti-free radicals, it nourishes, softens, protects and soothes the skin, acts against lip dryness, provides essential nutrients and maintains good moisture**,

Sweet Almond: Rich in fatty acids, vitamins A, B and E, it softens, tones, nourishes and soothes.

Sweet Orange: Anti-free radicals, toning and regenerating, soothes irritations.


Talc: Gives the skin a soft feeling.

Tarragon: Improves the way blood vessels work and cell respiration. Anti-infectious, anti-stress, anti-wrinkle (vitamin C).

Tea tree: Cleanses the skin, controls excess sebum while softening the epidermis.

Tea tree: Excellent anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, cleansing, even used for irritated and weak mucous membranes.

Thyme: Soothes, regenerates, tones, cleanses, purifies, regulates sebum excess while softening the epidermis. Antiseptic and anti-bacterial action. Stimulates microcirculation. General and cholagogue stimulant, thyme stimulates lazy livers. It is also well-known for its antiseptic qualities.

Titanium dioxide: UV filter.

Tocopherol: Natural vitamin E, present in high quantities in vegetable oils and dried fruits, favours cell respiration and tissue oxygenation. Anti-oxidant, anti-free radicals, it protects the body from aggressions (pollution, tobacco, UV?) repairs and restructures connective tissues, and favours moisturising** whilst restoring the skin’s radiance. Softens, protects eyelashes, the fragile skin around the eyes and has an anti-ageing action.


Unsavoury chamomile: De-stresses the skin, anti-inflammatory, calms, softens.


Vanilla: UV phyto-protection, anti-free radicals.

Verbena: Anti-inflammatory, refreshing.

Vitamin B12: Combined with vitamin B8, it is necessary for the synthesis of methionine from homocysteine, sulfurated amino acid we find in keratin.

Vitamin B3: Anti-pellagra vitamin, it favours the growth and resistance of hair, skin, nails and mucous membranes.

Vitamin B5: A deficiency will bring about hair loss. Joint factor of keratin synthesis.

Vitamin B6: A deficiency will bring about skin lesions (eborrheic dermatitis) and the mucous membranes. It modifies homocysteine, naturally found in the body, into cysteine the forerunner of keratin.

Vitamin B8: A deficiency will bring about alterations in the hair, nails and mucous membranes, such as erythematosquamous dermitis, eczema. Joint factor of keratin, it fortifies hair and stimulates growth. It is traditionally used by vets for horses’ hooves.

Vitamin C: Helps collagen to form, anti-oxidant action, essential for combatting free radicals and poisons such as nitrates, cigarette smoke?

Vitamin E: Beauty vitamin, it plays a major role against free radicals, powerful anti-oxidant, slows down ageing, heals and repairs, soothes and regenerates. Protects cell membranes and skin moisturising. It prevents the accumulation of oxidised fats in the artificial walls or in cell membranes which lead to thrombocytic hyperactivity, inflammations, allergic reactions. Oxidised fats contribute to the overall, cerebral and immune ageing.


Wheat: Improves the skin’s elasticity, firmness, anti-ageing action, anti-wrinkle effect. Stimulates circulation. Nourishes, regenerates, smoothes. Very rich in vitamin E. Nourishes the scalp.

Wheat proteins: Fortifies keratin.

White clay: Absorbing, cleansing, toning, softening, re-oxygenising, restores the skin’s radiance.

Wintergreen: Soothes body pains – anti-inflammatory.


Xanthan gum: Gelling agent.


Yarrow: Anti-inflammatory.

Yeast: Regenerates the epidermis and connective tissue.

Yellow, red and black iron oxides:Coloured pigments.

Ylang Ylang: Balances sebum secretions and soothes, calms and antiseptic, anti-stress and anti-inflammatory.


Zinc: Stimulates cell regeneration. Favours protection against heavy metals and many other pollutants. Protects membranes and sulfurated amino acids, themselves active ingredients against free radicals, it is essential for keratin and collagen synthesis, thus helping to repair the skin from damage caused by free radicals.

Zinc oxide: Repairs areas of irritation.