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Frosted Rose:

immerse your senses in the delicately sweet notes of wild rose. Create an atmosphere of tranquillity with top notes of lavender, mandarin and bergamot. Heart notes of wild rose, jasmine and iris bring soothing warmth, and base notes of sandalwood, vanilla and patchouli bring rich yet subtle sweetness.


Before lighting your Scented Vegetable Candle, you must:

Remove the cover
Cut the candle wick so that it is about 0,5 centimetres long
Place the Scented Candle on a stable surface protected from drafts
For first use, be sure to let the Scented Candle burn for at least 2 hours, before turning it off, so that the wax on the surface is melted. It is recommended not to move the Scented Candle until the melted wax has completely solidified.


1 Vegetable Candle 75g / 6.34 oz. made from natural soy wax and natural plant extract. Burning time 15 hours. 

– 1 Home Perfume  100ml / 3.4 fl. oz. made from natural plant extract. 

– 1 Fragrance Diffuser  100ml / 3.4 fl. oz. made from natural plant extract. 


Made in Provence, France

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Frosted Rose Gift Box

This beautiful Frosted Rose gift box gathers the essentials to gently perfume your home : a Vegetable Candle, a Fragrance Diffuser and a Home Perfume.

All our perfume have been created and blended in collaboration with our Master Perfumers from Grasse, to create true moments of emotion.


Plantes & Parfums draws its inspiration from the bouquet of sensations and emotions born out of the landscapes of Provence and elsewhere. Inspired by light, color and fragrance, our products are a

predisposition to the gentleness of Nature and the happiness of every moment.

Provence is not only one of the most beautiful regions of France known all over the world. It is at the heart of an art of living where nature becomes culture by sublimating the earth and the light. Verbena, Cotton Flower, Peony, Amber or Lavender are available through Scented Candles, Fragrance Diffusers and Soaps.


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