GOMMAGE DOUX – Gentle Exfoliant



This exfoliating organic gel gently exfoliates the skin & eliminates impurities, leaving the skin bright, soft & hydrated. With light circular movements, gently exfoliate. Re-oxygenated & free from impurities, the skin can benefit from the actions of further products applied. Ideal for all skin types.


To be used once or twice a week, on a perfectly cleansed skin. Apply gently on damp skin, avoiding the eye contour with light circular movements. Rinse off with lukewarm water & dry pat. Apply your Serum / moisturiser / mask thereafter.

Sacred Lotus – Improves the skins micro-circulation. Soothing & regenerating, it strengthens the epidermis barrier and protect the skin.
Rose Water – It prevents & fights against skin ageing – it also calms redness and irritations.
Lavender Distillate – Purifying, it cleanses & softens the skin – Regenerating, it also fights against the appearance of lines.  Refreshing & soothing, it calms down irritations & sensitivities.
Glycerin – Moisturizer & humectant, it enables to maintain the moisture content in the skin
Melilot Extract – Improves the cutaneous microcirculation – anti-inflammatory, preventing against skin redness
Rice Powder – This exfoliant removes horny cells accumulating on the surface of the skin. After application, dead cells are removed and the skin is softer & smoother.

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