LOTION DOUCEUR – For sensitive skin



Formulated without alcohol or allergens, Lotion Douceur is suitable for all skin types including the most sensitive. It soothes, restores the balance of the skin and protects it with extracts of Sacred Lotus. This lotion is also suitable for the delicate epidermis of pregnant or lactating women. It completes the action of the Lotus Cleansing Milk by gently removing the last residues. Protective & soothing, the Lotus extract strengthens the cutaneous barrier & helps fight against free radicals & thus respects the balance of the skin. Helps to reconstitute the hydrolipidic film for better hydration thanks to its trio of powerful moisturizing active ingredients, consisting of Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe Vera and Organic Vegetable Glycerol. Clean and soothed, the skin regains a new glow.


After rinsing the milk, apply the lotion on a cotton pad and gently dab the face, eyes and neck.

Sacred Lotus – The sacred lotus flower is a symbol of pure & divine beauty – protective & radiance activator, it improves skin microcirculation, fights against free radicals & protect the skin barrier – rich in phytosterol, a natural constituent of the epidermis, with softening & restructuring properties, it strengthens & protects skin barrier
Natural Surfactant – Polymer of sugars, it cleans the epidermis gently
Magnesium Chloride – Magnesium Chloride powerful regulator, it helps to restore the cutaneous balance
Bio Glycerin – a powerful moisturizing agent, it protects the skin from dehydration and gives it an irresistibly soft feel
Hyaluronic Acid – exceptional moisturizing and plumping active ingredient, this active ingredient naturally present in our tissues can capture up to 1000 times its weight in water
Natural Fragrance – without allergenic essential oils ideal for pregnant women



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