Natural Aleppo Liquid Soap 5% All Skin Types


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Natural Aleppo Liquid Soap 5% All Skin Types

This natural Aleppo liquid soap 5% is perfect for all skin types and ages. The whole family can nourish and protect their skin, with the organic ingredients of olive oil and bay laurel oil. Your skin will be left feeling soft, smoothened, cleansed and completely nourished. With a formula so natural and gentle, it can even be used on babies.

This soap is even suitable to use on the face and can be used for all skin types.



For Body: Suitable for all skin types and all ages. Lather a small amount of soap in your hands and apply to dampened skin, gently massage the soap into the skin using circular motions to create a nice, silky lather. You can also use the NAJEL loofah to help lather the soap into the skin for a deeper cleanse. Wash off with warm water.

For face: Apply to dampened skin in the morning and evening. Massage the skin in circular motions on the face, neck, décolleté. As the formula is so gently it can also be applied around the eye area to remove mascara. Remove by wiping off the soap with a warm, damp cloth.



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