Organic Cotton Reusable Facial Cleansing Wipes


Eco Cleansing Pads by Couleur Caramel are 100% organic cotton and reusable, environmentally friendly and excellent to gently care for your skin. Apply the cleanser of your choice (you will find Lait Hydro and Lait Nettoyant to be our most popular products from PHYT’S, also distributed by V Claire Natural Cosmetics), massage gently all over the skin to emulsify makeup or pollutants. Then use 1 or 2 of your Eco Cleansing Pads to remove the cleanser and dirt, leaving your skin clean, clear, calm and soothed. Our best tip is to avoid throwing the pads in the washing machine; if you use a synthetic detergent, it is really defeating the purpose of the environmentally conscious goal! We like to use a natural soap bar, such as Najel aleppo soap, to hand wash the pads straight after finishing cleansing. Rinse and leave to dry for the next day’s cleansing session. They will wear much better this way than in a 40° wash and they come up sparkling with natural soap.

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