Personal / Vehicle Dry Mister + 2.5L Disinfect Refill


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Includes 1 x 2.5L Disinfect Refill

A USB Mister that can be used personally or in your vehicle.


Ideal either by your office desk or in your vehicle, this personal humidifier when used with Dew Disinfect, disperses a completely harmless dry mist which sanitises the surrounding air that you breathe.  The unit is compact and powered by USB so can be plugged into your PC/laptop or into you vehicle’s lighter socket and sits in your cup holder.  It can be run constantly or with 3 second bursts and has optional 7 colour lighting effects.  Perfect desks, cars, taxis and vehicle fleets.

Each mister comes with a 2.5L Dew Disinfect Refill.

Product Size: 68W x 68D x 148H (mm)
Water Capacity: 230ml

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