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This brush is made of a mixture of both natural (pony) and synthetic (nylon) hair, ideal for applying shadows to the eyelid and to blur lines of pencil or powder close to the lash line for a “smoky” effect.

Rounded bamboo handles ergonomically designed for better handling.

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This short eye shadow brush is perfect for applying detailed eye shadow along the lash line and to extend and smudge eyeliner.


Its hairs of animal origin (goat) deposit gently and uniformly the Couleur Caramel makeup on the whole of the face. Rounded bamboo handle for a better ergonomics of the brush and an easy and pleasant application. The Couleur Caramel brushes are made with the most noble and high-performance materials.

Why Couleur Caramel?

All their products have organic ingredients and are of exceptional quality:

  • waxes and butters renowned for their moisturising properties
  • plant-based pigments and minerals of unrivaled intensity and beauty
  • a makeup result that is both natural and sophisticated.

Using organic ingredients, it is perfectly possible to meet the same demands for quality, hold and ease of application as those of the biggest professional brands.


Sustainable development is the obvious choice for us in order to achieve success and to build an intelligent future founded on maintaining the right balance.
The Couleur Caramel charter for sustainable development demands a personal commitment. It is a responsible and feasible commitment. A vision of today’s world that positively influences tomorrow’s world – in other words a call for common sense.


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