Centella Organic Facials

Experience the Centella difference: plant extracts harnessed through botanical science to give you skin perfection at every age. Organic facials composed of concentrated plant extracts and applied through the skilled and experienced hands of our skin therapists.

Soin Excellence
100mins €120.00
Mechanical Massage Techniques with therapists hands alongside our Fractional RF (Radio Frequency) Machine. This exceptional treatment allies Centella asiatica stem cells from Prestige with RF & massage techniques to re-build the density of the tissues. Collagen and elastin are stimulated; the skin appears plumper and lifted. A must to regenerate, firm, restructure, clear complexion and present a younger looking and renewed skin.

Soin Prestige
90mins €105.00
A firming treatment based on stem cells of Centella asiatica and Jade Stones. This specific treatment is recommended for dry, devitalised skin. Prestige gets its name from the products that are used throughout this facial. Serums, Eye Gel, Global Lotion, Mask and Moisturiser, your skin is bathed in stem cell activity from Centella, boosting the regeneration of your connective tissue and reinforcing the dermis. Prevention is key to further ageing at any age and with the use of these active botanics, maintaining and reversing signs of ageing is achieved. Jade Stones are used to remineralise the skin with essential nutrients along with a smoothing and cooling effect.

V Claire Signature
75mins €95.00
A tailored facial made of our unique anti-ageing Revitalising Massage Technique. Combining a cleansing and double exfoliation to erase impurities, the active Revitalising Massage works the deep skin tissues to oxygenate, stimulate micro-circulation, and eliminate toxins and puffiness sitting under the skin. Followed is a deep relaxing and nourishing massage with specific serums and treatment creams. A cream mask with pressure points to relieve tensions and sensitivity is applied with a Peel Off Mask over to firm and tone the skin: all targeted to slow the ageing process by improving the quality of the skin. A glorious skin treatment to receive all year around to keep your skin looking healthy and toned.

Soin Vitalite
60mins €80.00
Tailored to your skins requirements, this facial uses a variety of plant extracts to answer all your skin may encounter, such as sensitivity, dryness or dehydration. A combination of a double cleanse and exfoliation with a mild lactic acid to hydrate and remove impurities, followed by serum and customised massage adapted to your skin. We then apply a cream mask with pressure points, leaving your skin fresh and radiant.

Soin Purete
60mins €80.00
Deep cleansing facial with extractions to re-balance the sebum and clarify the skin. Starting with a double cleanse and a double peel to exfoliate all impurities, serum Anti-Comedons is applied before extractions. Copper, Thyme and Rosemary are anti-bacterial during extractions. A specific mask with Camphor, Clove and Mint decongest and sooth the skin. A professional treatment only: we do not recommend our clients to extract at home.

Soin Mother to Be
60mins €80.00
Gentle skin treatment with no essential oils to suit the most sensitive skin during pregnancy. After cleansing and a soft exfoliation, a specific serum and cream is used to sooth inflammation and redness. An enveloping massage including the face, neck, shoulders and arms is performed to relax mother and baby, finishing with a cream mask, pressure points and scalp massage.

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