PHYT’S Organic Facials

Experience the PHYT’S difference: plant extracts harnessed through botanical science to give you skin perfection at every age. Organic facials composed of concentrated plant extracts and applied through the skilled and experienced hands of our skin therapists.

Global Anti-Ageing
PHYT’S Panacée 90mins €115.00
The most exceptional treatment and results through its unique active ingredients: Edelweiss, Punarnava, Rye, Acmella and Rosemary. See definition through the sculpting Dermophyt’s™ machine and manual anti-age techniques which lift, smooth, regenerate and tone the skin.

Vitamin Cocktail A, B, C, E
PHYT’S Multivita 75mins €100.00
Enliven your skin with Cévéblé™ wheatgerm complex tensor. Boost your complexion with powerful antioxidants A, B, C and E. With a combination of four concentrated serums, it is perfect for mature skin to smooth, tighten and brighten immediately.

V Claire Signature
PHYT’S Luminescence 75mins €90.00
Created by Virginie Vuillaume, this anti-ageing facial is tailored to your skin’s exact needs. We use specific massage techniques to drain and detoxify the cells and lymph, as well as our Revitalising Massage to manually stimulate the musculature of the face. Along with two serum and mask applications, the skin is unified, plumped and alive.

Hyaluronic Acid Hydration
PHYT’S Aqua 75mins €90.00
This treatment tackles dehydration on any skin, every time. Hyaluronic Acid is a water reservoir that keeps our skin’s hydrolipidic film balanced. The skin can transport water as it should to keep away tightness, flaking and sensitivity induced through dehydration. This is especially important as we age. The resulting complexion is soft, unified and restored.

PHYT’S White Bio Active 75mins €95.00
Target pigmentation and ageing with PWE™ (PHYT’S Whitening Extracts), a herbal elixir based on healing ingredients such as Bearberry, Liquorice, Parsley, Wintergreen and Basil. Hormonal changes and sunlight encourage pigmentation to surface so WBA reduces and prevents the appearance of further discolorations.

PHYT’S Rénov Glycolic 60mins €75.00
This is a 30% glycolic peel designed to rapidly exfoliate dead skin cells and renew the epidermis within a very short period. It reduces pigmentation, refines pores, removes congestion, lightens the complexion, reduces wrinkles and fine lines and utterly hydrates and replenishes. A minimum of four facials is required to achieve optimum results.

Sensitive and Reactive
PHYT’S Radiance 60mins €79.00
Customised to your skin’s delicate nature, we carefully select ampoules to sooth sensitivities and re-balance your skin’s disrupted protective layer. When the skin is reactive, there is often a trigger, which we work with you to dispel.

Purifying and Acne
PHYT’S Anti-Comedons 60mins €79.00
Extractions are key when the skin is congested with blackheads, closed comedones and milia. Breakouts will continue unless your skin is purified, toxins are removed and the oil within the skin is regulated.

PHYT’S Equilibrium 45mins €65.00
Uncover the world of PHYT’S with this facial that brings balance to the skin, allowing us to analyse your skin and educate you on further treatments that will benefit your skin the most.

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