Candle – Orange Blossom 180gr


This fragrance delivers gentle and soothing notes of orange blossom. This scent is relaxing and comforting for the senses and your home living.

Our candles are hand poured and made from 100% vegetable wax without paraffin and 100% natural cotton wicks.

Made in Provence.

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My Lovely Orange Tree Perfume

This fragrance delivers lively and soft notes of orange blossom and Rosewood.


Olfactory Pyramid

pyramide olfactive

Head : Rose Wood, Orange Bitter Leaves
Heart : Orange Blossom, May Rose
Background : Benzoin Siam

A natural candle made by hand

Our natural candles made of 100% vegetable wax are handcrafted in our factory. The waxes used in our candles are exclusively vegetable and rigorously selected for their combustion and diffusion qualities. They are heated, mixed and then combined with Grasse perfumes. Vegetable wax is a wonderful diffusion medium. It allows the notes of the fragrance to be revealed with precision. Our candles exalt a natural, precise and delicate fragrance. The pouring and placing of the cotton wick is done manually, candle by candle. In keeping with our traditional know-how, the wrapping is done exclusively by hand

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