Associate Centella Asiatica stem cells, Hyaluronic Acid, virgin & Organic Plant Oils of the best quality & Shea butter to cocoon the skin. Contributes to fight against visible signs of age: wrinkles, lack of firmness, of radiance and of uniformity of complexion.


After exfoliating with Gommage Doux, apply the Mask all over the face, neck, eyelids & lips. Leave on for 15mins until absorbed, or leave on for the night & cleanse in the morning.

Centella Asiatica Stem Cells – stem cells are present in our epidermis; they reproduce by cellular division & allow the skin to renewal itself. The number of epidermal stem cells decrease with age & their efficiency weakens. Extracted by biotechnology, Centella Asiatica stem cells help to preserve & boost the natural functions of the stem cells of the skin. Rich in antioxidants, they fight against the formation of free radicals. They improve also hydration & elasticity of the skin by stabilizing the hyaluronic acid content. Then, acting in synergy with other biological actives, they protect the epidermis optimally against external aggressions.
Aloe Vera Juice – powerful moisturizer, the Aloe vera improves the cellular cohesion of the skin barrier & protects the skin of the transepidermal water loss
Sesame Seed Oil
Shea Butter
Aloe Vera Juice
Sodium Hyaluronate + Aloe Vera Juice + Glycerin = Powerful hydration
Cedar Ess. Oil
Niaouli Ess. Oil




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