Perfect Complexion Concealer n°31 – Perfect Ivory


Correct, illuminate, shape. A pen-brush to erase signs of fatigue and awaken the complexion’s radiant glow. Ideal for all skin types.

Simply apply to areas of contours to lift them and bounce light so that the skin looks more plump and youthful. n°31 for fair / Celtic skin; n°32 for tanned / sallow skin; n°33 for dark skin. Twist the pen to release the cream and apply in a light brush stroke. Tap into the skin with finger to set, or allow the brush stroke of cream to sink into the skin itself. Do not rub into skin.


Correct, illuminate, shape. This perfect complexion concealer erases signs of fatigue and awaken the complexion’s radiant glow. Ideal for all skin types. Dab the perfect complexion concealer onto areas you wish to illuminate over or under foundation, blend with fingertips. 3 perfect shades available.

Why Couleur Caramel?

All their products have organic ingredients and are of exceptional quality:

  • waxes and butters renowned for their moisturising properties.
  • plant-based pigments and minerals of unrivalled intensity and beauty.
  • in conclusion, a makeup result that is both natural and sophisticated.

Using organic ingredients, it is perfectly possible to meet the same demands those of the biggest professional brands. For quality, hold and ease of application.


Sustainable development is the obvious choice for us in order to achieve success and to build an intelligent future founded on maintaining the right balance.
The Couleur Caramel charter for sustainable development demands a personal commitment. It is a responsible and feasible commitment, a vision of today’s world that positively influences tomorrow’s world – in other words a call for common sense.

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