Lipstick no. 506 Coral Rose


Bring hydration and nourishment to the lips with this all natural and organic, creamy lipstick, in a beautiful natural coral pink shade. Formulated with organic and natural ingredients consisting of natural waxes, butters and oils, the lips are left intensely nourished and hydrated. This Lipstick ensures a long lasting colour wear on the lips.




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COULEUR CARAMEL Rouge à lèvres satiné – Coral Rose


The highly concentrated, velvety pigments ensure a long-lasting colour result after the first application.


Active substances:

Organic cocoa butter is the ideal butter to combat the harmful effects of time. By stimulating collagen synthesis, it restores the elasticity and tone of the skin. It nourishes and protects the skin thanks to its fatty acid composition. Its rich fat content makes it a naturally nourishing, softening and regenerating treatment.

Organic sweet almond oil soothes skin irritations, moisturizes. It also helps prevent wrinkles.

Organic jojoba oil protects against moisture loss and environmental influences.

Natural  and organic castor oil promotes the skin’s own collagen and fixes the colour.

Organic sesame oil gives suppleness to the skin, preserves the moisture content of the skin and absorbs quickly and very easily into the skin without leaving a residue of fat.

Stevia is a natural sweetener and brings flavour to the lips.



Apply the lipstick directly. If the lips are extremely dry, apply NAJEL Lip Balm before hand to soften the lips.


You can also use the No. 19 or No. 144 lip pencil for a perfect finish.

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